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Making Driving Safer For You

Vehicle Conversion systems for the disabled

Matching your disability with devices to allow you to drive a conventional car? 
Johan will adapt your vehicle to ease your driving disability.

Become mobile in your own right by having a vehicle adapted to suit your handicap. 
By using Guido Simplex and locally manufactured adaptation devices, when fitted to your vehicle, Johan will make it possible for you to become mobile again.

Johan does vehicle conversion systems for disabled people

Disabled, but want to be independent in your ability to travel from one place to another, then approach Johan at EasyDrive WC Somerset West for a disabled accessible vehicle.

EasyDriveWC is owned by Johan Cillié, a Mechanical Engineer who has been in the motor industry since 1986. Johan has been modifying vehicles for years now providing reliable, innovative vehicle solutions to the needs of the disabled.

The combination of his mechanical and technical knowledge and his compassionate nature assures his clients first class service.

Making Driving safer for You

New era in wheelchair accessible vehicles for hire.

You can now hire a wheelchair accessible car through Easy Drive. 3 available. 

Make contact for further details

Nippi Drive A cheaper way of getting around

Nippi Drive for wheelchair Scooter available ex UK

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Discount on New Vehicles

Did you know that as a physically challenged individual, you are entitled to a grant equal to the import duty on your vehicle from DTI?
We are willing to assist you with this.

E-mail: Johan

Powersteering Fatique Reduced

Easydrive has just modified a power steering to be 50% lighter to operate. Lighter power steering is essential for high level injured drivers that lack the power to turn the steering wheel.

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Evaluations before your decide

Easydrive WC can assess you by testing your eyesight and angle co-ordination, re-action and strength. This evaluation will be measured and compared with the norm and we will be able to advise you on your ability to drive a vehicle safely. E-Mail: Sonja

Easy Drive WC adapts vehicles for disabled people.

Listen to afternoons with Pippa Hudson 


  • Dear Johan,

    Attached please find balance of payment for the Ford Tourneo conversion. 

    Annastacia and I thank you for the amazing job that you did. We went for our first drive last night and it was AWESOME!!!! Taking her out of the van could not have been simpler. 

    This is going to change both our lives for the better and my daughter is going to enjoy a better quality of life now that she can get out of the house. I no longer have to worry about my back as there will no longer be any strain put on it. 

    Baie dankie!!!!   

    Groete aan Sonja. I pray that your business will continue to grow from strength to strength. 

    Kind regards 

    Amanda Ensil.
  • Hi Johan,

    Jy spring my nou voor… Ek wou jou nog ‘n epos gestuur het net om vir jou en jou vrou baie dankie te sê vir die moeite wat julle gedoen het om al die pad Claremont toe te ry (en dit nog so laat in die aand ook), om my wiele te kom aflewer! Ek en my man het dit so uit ons harte uit waardeer!

    Wonderlike diens!!! 

    Nee wat, ek rits al lekker rond hoor! Is baie beïndruk met die kontroles – hulle werk BAIE LEKKER! Het nie te lank gevat nie, toe is ek gewoond! 

    Weereens verskriklik baie dankie en ‘n mooi dag daar. 

    Beste groete,

  • Dear Johan

    Thank you so very much for the wonderful modification that you did on my car. I am so happy with it and that I will get more independence back. The armrest looks and works great and looks as if it came with the car.

    I am sure that I will be sending lots of work your way. I already have a lady with Muscular Dystrophy who has been to look at my car!

    Please can you advise where I can get a Disabled sticker for my car? I realise that I will drive slower with the hand control and don’t want people to get impatient with me so I thought having a sticker on the car would help. It may also be a nice thing for you to add on to cars when you are finished?

    Many thanks again for all you did for me.

    Warmest regards

    Lindy Smit

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Somerset West
South Africa

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Fax: +27 (0) 86 605 7394

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