Autmatic Clutch

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Vehicle Conversion systems for the disabled

Easydrive WC also do automated clutches for vehicles fitted with manual transmissions.

This is a very user friendly clutch which has no encumbrance for the able bodied driver.
Principle: The clutch's normal position will be with the pedal depressed.
When the accelerator is depressed the clutch will engage.
When you want to change gears, release accelerator, clutch will disengage, change gear, accelerate and the clutch will engage again.
If you are traveling on the highway you do not want the clutch to disengage every time you release the accelerator, this will not happen if you travel at speeds above 40km/h.
If you do want to change gears though at high speed, your hand on the gearlever will activate the clutch enabling you to change gear.

There are two types:
1) Electric activated autmatic clutch
2) Vacum activated automatic clutch