Electric Accelerator

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Easy Drive Western Cape was the first company to install an electric accelerator in South Africa.
This electric accelerator is at the top of the range currently available in the world.
The ring on top of the steering wheel (or underneath) when pushed accelerates the car.
How it works:
When you push on the gas ring a cam alters the resistance on a potentiometer which is coupled to a processor that in turn communicates the signal to the vehicle's control unit making it accelerate.
The advantage of this system, for a driver, is that only a small amount of pressure is required to operate the accelerator, all the functions on the steering wheel are still functional as well as the airbag system.
To de-activate the system, one only flicks a switch.
Incorporated with this, usually goes a handbrake activation system..
Note the leather covering on the ring.
High levels of finish make this system popular for executive cars.


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