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Lift for Stairs with a Break

Bed Lift

Hoist Wheel chair to Roof Carrier

Curved Stairs Lift

No Break Stairs Lift

Staircase Lift

Making Driving Safer For You
Vehicle Conversion systems for the disabled

Staircase Lifts are installed in homes with multiple floors where people stay with medical conditions making it difficult to climb stairs.

In the featured case 50% was saved for the customer by constructive thinking.
One lift was fitted on an extended rail traveling in a straight line over the landing.
The Acorn staircase lift is low on maintenance and will work even if there is a power failure.
Its safety features make this lift a very sought-after accessory to the modern family home.

Bed Lift

Making Driving Safer For You
Vehicle Conversion systems for the disabled

Another way Easy Drive WC has been able to help.

This motorized hoist fitted above a bed and on rails makes a very difficult task that much easier.

Car Roof Carrier

A  car roof mounted Wheelchair Carrier

A roof-mounted wheelchair carrier and winch with fiberglass, weatherproof cover.
The winch lifts the wheelchair onto the roof and positions it on the bracket.
The system is powered by a car battery.
Once the wheelchair is in position the cover slides together.
To unload, the cover slides open over the driver’s door and the winch lowers the foldable wheelchair. The lifting capacity is 20kg. Unit weights 56kg.
Demo model for R50 000.00 including installation

Curved Staircase Lift

Stairways that change direction

Curve Staircase lift for stairways that changes direction
• Price R60 000.00 including installation 

Straight Staircase Lift

Stairways without a break in them

Straight Staircase lift
Specifically for staircases that are straight.
• Price R30 000.00 including installation 

Custom Built Lift

Built to make swimming pool access easy

Enjoy your pool by having this easy-access hoist made just for you 


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