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Trust you well

I don't know how to thank you. Mr Johan did a good job in my car and even extra jobs. Both of you i mean it THANK GOD FOR YOUR HEARTS ,ITS AMAZING THESE DAYS PEOPLE LIKE YOU HELPING THE WAY YOU ARE DOING.I WISH YOU A BLESSED LIFE TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES. AND NON STOP MOVING FORWARD IN YOUR BUSINESS BOTH OF YOU. NICKY FATHER JOHAN TOOK ME FOR A DRIVE IT WAS NOT DIFFICULT AS I TOLD YOU BEFORE . But i manage to drive home safe on the road nothing was difficult. AGAIN THANK YOU TO NICKY AND TATA JOHAN 😄love you love you all thanks.

Thank you  

Xolile Tyhulu.

Hi Johan,
Jy spring my nou voor… Ek wou jou nog ‘n epos gestuur het net om vir jou en jou vrou baie dankie te sê vir die moeite wat julle gedoen het om al die pad Claremont toe te ry (en dit nog so laat in die aand ook), om my wiele te kom aflewer! Ek en my man het dit so uit ons harte uit waardeer!
Wonderlike diens!!!
Nee wat, ek rits al lekker rond hoor! Is baie beïndruk met die kontroles – hulle werk BAIE LEKKER! Het nie te lank gevat nie, toe is ek gewoond!
Weereens verskriklik baie dankie en ‘n mooi dag daar.
Beste groete,


Dear Johan,
Thank you so very much for the wonderful modification that you did on my car. I am so happy with it and that I will get more independence back. The armrest looks and works great and looks as if it came with the car.
I am sure that I will be sending lots of work your way. I already have a lady with Muscular Dystrophy who has been to look at my car!
Please can you advise where I can get a Disabled sticker for my car? I realise that I will drive slower with the hand control and don’t want people to get impatient with me so I thought having a sticker on the car would help. It may also be a nice thing for you to add on to cars when you are finished?
Many thanks again for all you did for me.
Warmest regards,

Lindy Smit

Hello Johan,

The biggest thank you for the push pull controls on my car. Its awesomely awesome!!!!
Slowly getting my sense of touch for my controls.
I would like to know if it is possible to extend my indicator lever as my hand seems a little short, unless I feel a little insecure still because its all so new to me.
Thank you


Dear Johan,

I would like to thank you so much for the fitment of hand controls to my old Jaguar motor vehicle in December 2019. On my way home from CT to our farm at Salem in the East Cape, the car engine seized outside PE and we had To leave the car there to be repaired. A major engine overhaul. Just as I was about to get the car the lock-down started. So after a six month wait finally I have the Jag back. I am amazed at how easy the car is to drive with the hand controls and am so pleased I took the decision to fit the hands control. Good value good service and great product is all I can say.

Thank you once again for changing my life.

I appreciate it. See The Pictures

Jack McLeod 

Dear Johan,
Attached please find balance of payment for the Ford Tourneo conversion.
Annastacia and I thank you for the amazing job that you did. We went for our first drive last night and it was AWESOME!!!! Taking her out of the van could not have been simpler.
This is going to change both our lives for the better and my daughter is going to enjoy a better quality of life now that she can get out of the house. I no longer have to worry about my back as there will no longer be any strain put on it.
Baie dankie!!!!
Groete aan Sonja. I pray that your business will continue to grow from strength to strength.
Kind regards 

Amanda Ensil.

25 Februarie 2021

Liewe Johan,
Ek hoop dit gaan goed met U.
Ek skryf hierdie waarderingsbrief omdat U my die geleentheid gegee het om weer onafhanklik in my motor te kon wees. 
U het my die kans gegee om weer op die pad te kom. Ek was so opgewonde om weer te begin ry, al is dit vir eers kort afstand. Ek waardeer alles wat u en Nickys Foundation vir my gedoen het.
Baie dankie. Geen woorde kan die waardering wat ek in my hart voel, uitdruk nie.

Vriendelike groete 

Willem Gelant .

18 November 2021

We spent 14hrs in the Suzuki Expresso on the drive home. R62 route.
It was an absolute pleasure!
All you guys put together; from gear lever lengthening, handbrake (incredible), to push pull in the safety of inactive airbag reassured us both.
I can drive in system and will enjoy getting Gareth "on the road".

Dankie, Meer as woorde kan se`.

Roger en Gareth  

24 May 2022

Strap on wheelchair carrier.
Thank you and your team for your excellent customer service and efficient installation. Super impressed. The wheelchair carrier is really easy to use. Greatly appreciated.

Thank you 

Debbie Becker 

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