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My name is Licia Roberto and I'm a quadriplegic. I was involved in a vehicle accident that left me confined to my wheelchair, with no mobility from my neck down and limited use of my hands.

I have traveled the world in search of help and regularly visit the gym, during the course of which I have met many with similar realities to mine, and many recovering from hand and wrist injuries. Talking to them I discovered that we all face the same challenges, so, together with a bio-kineticist, Avinesh Pursad, we have developed the BIO-GLOVE.

What is BIO-GLOVE?

BIO-GLOVE is a dynamic assistive device that can be used by all individuals who have limited hand or wrist function.

β€’BIO-GLOVE enables the user to close the hand and maintain the position of the wrist in picking up different objects or tools within multiple activities.

BIO-GLOVE can be used as follows:

To hold onto dumbbells in order to perform a weighted exercise,
Clipped to cable machines to perform cable exercises,
and even tied to resistance bands to perform rehabilitation-type exercises.
However, the use of BIO-GLOVE is not restricted only to exercise. BIO-GLOVE can be used:
to assist in the performance of activities of daily living such as brushing teeth, brushing hair, and even holding onto pens and pencils.
Who can benefit from it?
BIO-GLOVE will become an important device used by different people including quadriplegics, paraplegics, hemiplegics, stroke patients, and any individuals who find it difficult to hold onto any training material or everyday necessities as a result of decreased finger or hand movements.
Is the BIO-Glove durable and easy to use?
BIO-GLOVE is made of a very strong durable material that is easy to put on and comfortable to wear. BIO-GLOVE is versatile and can be used on both hands. BIO-GLOVE has Velcro straps that allow the individual to mold the device to the individual's hand so it can be used by everybody. BIO-GLOVE is easy to apply and does not require professional assistance.
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