Hand Controls Systems

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“Push-Pull” Accelerator and Brake System.
Remote Control Units.
Steering Wheel Spinners.
Joystick Steering.
Automated Clutches.
Alternate Side Levers e.g., Indicators.
Any custom requirements made to suit your needs.

Our uniquely designed “Push-Pull”
This hand control system is the safest of its kind, takes up minimal space and is aesthetically pleasing.

One lever: Pull to accelerate and push for the brake.
Designed so that an abled person can freely drive the vehicle without having to make any changes.
No permanent damage is made to the vehicle and the system can be removed when selling the vehicle.
Leather handle for comfort.
Very easy to use.
Ideal for Paraplegic or lower-limb amputees. 

" Vehicle Conversion Systems for the Disabled"


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